How I Organize My Shift as a Nurse Extern!

10:35 AM
First of all - what is a nurse extern, you may ask?

At some hospitals, there are opportunities for nursing students to work as a NURSE EXTERN. The role can vary from hospital system, but generally, it is an opportunity to get experience on the floor. The role is that of a patient care tech (PCT) + more (depending on the hospital/unit). Also, it sets your resume apart from the many nursing students breaking into the field with NO experience or it may be your ticket to transitioning into a nurse position upon graduation! It's a wonderful experience and I recommend it to EVERY nursing student (if your schedule permits).

Now --> onto how I personally keep myself organized when it comes to my 12-hour shift on the floor. I work on a Neuro/Telemetry unit at a local hospital and my patient load can range from 6+ so it's critical to start off strong and this report sheet is everything! 

Check out my video below for all the deets!

Click here to access my report sheet and tell me it worked out for you!

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