Why Nursing?

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There is always a question as to why someone does something… like what is driving you to pursue this track of life. And no offense to any other career field, but the answer to this question has to be pretty good for those in healthcare. Like, there’s A LOT that the average person wants no part of within this line of work. 
I’ve heard varying responses to this question: family history, money, flexibility, job security, etc… 
And while these are all GREAT perks, they’re not my reasoning, and in my opinion, they WILL NOT keep you in the nursing field.  FOR ME - I actually care about people, and I love the human body and how it works. Put those together, and you get healthcare, right? In middle and high school, I thought I wanted to be a surgeon (plastic/reconstructive), and I was dead set on the thought of it. (Grades/school effort didn't support that path - as a kid, I was super social lol) But freshman year of college, I switched my focus to nursing when I discovered the MAIN difference between doctors and nurses.
  • Doctors focus on treating the disease, nurses focus on the treating the person
Now, don’t get me wrong - that is not to say that doctors do not care about the patients directly. I’m merely saying that the way doctors are taught to treat a patient is to know and understand the disease/disorder and focus on eradicating that to make the patient better (usually by medication or surgery). In contrast, nurses are taught to know and understand the disease/disorder and how it affects the patient and focus on actions to help their body responds to the sickness better (usually by responding the body’s responses and/or helping them to cope with the situation) as well as carrying out the orders from the doctor. 
As a nurse, it will be my job to monitor my patients and their responses to their disease and treatment, adjusting the plan of care as time progresses. I will carry out and double check orders from the doctor and speak up for the patient in accordance with their desire for their care. 
I appreciate and love the work that doctors do, but for me personally - I want to stand side by side with my patient and walk them through the process of regaining health or in the unfortunate event of demise, know we tried our best.

There it is, friends - my ‘why’ - although I do have family members that are nurses, and I’m looking forward to the job security, pay, flexibility, and other perks. The hard work that goes into being an RN is more than most will realize they are getting into unless they have more of a reason for pursuing this wonderful crazy career. 

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