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Last semester, I was in fundamentals of nursing (some people call it foundations) and let’s just say I was THROWN into the world of nursing. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. As someone who had no clinical experience and never been in the hospital prior to starting this nursing program, I had a huge adjustment.
In my school, fundamentals is 1 course worth 8 credits and broken down into 3 sections (class, lab, and clinical). 
Class - I was anxious to finally start learning but of course, it begins with the basics. Things like the
  • legal responsibilities and value system that nurses must maintain 
  • nursing process 
    • assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation/intervention, evaluation
  • critical thinking (what does that really mean anyway?)
  • Maslow’s hierarchy
  • asepsis
  • and the basics of the head-to-toe assessment and the teaching that accompanies each body system
Lab - this is where were taught the skills that we would need to perform in the clinical setting. We practiced on mannequins and each other, and for each skill, we had to validate in front of the instructor. We validated for vitals, oral/SQ medication administration, sterile dry dressing change, and foley catheter insertion. And although I knew my stuff and felt good about it, for every validation I was S H A K I N G !  I passed on the first attempt every time, but I could not stop shaking! LOL looking back, it was hilarious but at the time, it was horrible!
Clinical - This was the BEST part of the whole semester. To be honest, I was very nervous because I had never been in a hospital setting so I had NO IDEA what to expect. (I know weird that I want to be a nurse but have never spent time in a hospital… let’s ignore that). Thankfully my school bestie (get you one!) has been in the healthcare field for years so she helped me A LOT. I SAW and DID so much! Mostly bed baths (lol) but the unit I was working on was a trauma/med surg step down for the level 1 trauma hospital in the city! I saw a lot of GSW (gunshot wound) victims with ostomies, MVA (motor vehicle accident) patients, and even inmates and psych patients that had been in surgery. I really feel like this experience was critical for my foundation as a nurse because I had to be very hands-on and there weren’t many techs on the floor so we were able to fill that need. 

O V E R A L L - fundamentals was challenging but really good! I finished the semester 1 point away from an A *eye roll* but I am proud of myself! Nursing school is not for the faint of heart and I’m ready to kill second semester Med Surg! 

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