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4:49 PM

let's play catch up!

It’s June and obviously, much time has passed and many things have changed in my little sphere! Finished Med/Surg completing my first yea...
4:18 PM

MEDSURG - test 5

Diabetes & Respiratory. April 19. Both topics are pretty intense. I was worried that I wouldn’t grasp the concepts the make the right...
3:12 PM


Last semester, I was in fundamentals of nursing (some people call it foundations) and let’s just say I was  THROWN  into the world of nursi...
3:11 PM

A Night Out

And sometimes you get a chance to switch from study life to fun life - celebrating my friend on her wedding day!
2:59 PM

Why Nursing?

There is always a question as to why someone does something… like what is driving you to pursue this track of life. And no offense to a...
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